Iowa State University Campanile Rebuild

In 1993 Iowa State University launched a major architectural steel renovation project for the beloved Campanile that is the centerpiece of the campus. Barnes Manufacturing president, Tom Barnes was thrilled to be included in the design and build process for his alma matar.

To start, a new framework was needed to stabilize the stucco exterior. Barnes Manufacturing Services was able to provide design and manufacturing of the steel frame structure that became the skeleton of the Campanile ensuring that star crossed lovers would be able to kiss under the campanile at midnight for years to come!

ISU Campanile circa 1930

The Iowa State University Campanile Circa 1930

ISU campanile under construction in Ames, Iowa

Detail of Barnes manufactured steel reinforced structure.

scaffolding atop the Campanile

Another detail of the steel ‘guts’ behind the facade.

The roof peak of the Campanile is readied

Top cap of the Campanile, now reinforced is readied for the crane.

workers ready the top of the tower

Scaffolding ready for the cap is seen above the Campanile.

the peak is lowered into position

Final hoisting and setting the cap on the Campanile, now fully reinforced.

the landmark Campanile shines again for all to enjoy

Fully restored, the Iowa State University is a hallmark of beauty once again.