Des Moines, Iowa Executive Residence

While many of our large-scale structures are build for communities, some have been customized for individuals.

A residential customer wished to construct a complex pergola-style canopy that reached from their large garage to their home. Crafted from beautiful architectural steel, this residence is a showcase of the diversity of custom manufacturing.

At Barnes Manufacturing, we are willing to take on interesting, architectural residential steel projects and work with engineers, architects and end-users to create one-of-a kind structures based on the customer’s vision.

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residential steel structure by barnes manufacturing

Morning light on the steel pergola canopy

backyard view of canopy-barnes manufacturing

The Canopy takes shape – with a view from the extensive yard.

installation mid-process-barnes manufacturing

Prominence of the design is accentuated by the bold look of a steel structure.

view of garage

The reverse view shows the continuity of the design with the home’s look.

field weld of pergola

Field welding attaches the structure to the home soundly.

artistic elements in the backyard

Additional steel structures play out in the yard encompassing the holistic vision of the design.