Powder Coat Painting

Powder Coat Painting for a Resilient Finish

Make sure your metal products or parts have a finish that will last with powder coat painting services. At Barnes Manufacturing Services, we can powder coat anything from a tiny bolt to an automotive frame, with those limitations due to our 7’X7’X20’ powder coating oven.

Powder coat paint is weather resistant and more resistant to chemical exposure than most other paint surface. This tough paint is not as easily scratched as other finishes and can be used for any metal surface that can withstand the 400 degree heat of the powder coat oven.

Faster Production with Paint that is Immediately Dried

Many paints take up to 3 days before you can touch them and get them shipped out, but powder coat paint is baked on, and is ready for shipping as soon as it is cool enough to touch. This can help take a couple of days off production time and provides a resilient finish too.

A Versatile Paint Option

Powder coat paint is typically used for painting metal surfaces, including household appliances, or automobile and bike parts. However, we have used it for everything from metal art projects and outdoor furniture to sign posts and fire department equipment.

  • Fast drying finish
  • Weather resilient paint
  • Chemical resistant powder coating
  • Indoor and outdoor finishes
  • Scratch resistant surface

There are different epoxy ratings for indoor and outdoor paints, and we will use the best option based on the project you bring to us. We can also match any color or use the color ID from a manufacturer.

A Comprehensive Machining and Fabrication Shop that Happens to Paint

Whether you just need a new paint job on an old product, or are looking for a company that will take your project from design to delivery, Barnes Manufacturing Services has the talent and equipment for the job. Our team is always ready for a new challenge, so whether your project is still an idea, or a product that is ¾ of the way complete, we can help.

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