Metal and Plastic Product Prototyping

Metal and Plastic Product Prototyping

Do you have a vision for a metal or plastic product, or even an architectural steel structure and want to see if it will work? If you bring us the concept for a new part, piece of tooling, equipment or even an artistic steel structure, we will create a working prototype or scale model of your invention. We can pick up your project wherever you are with it, whether it is a drawing on a napkin or you have a piece of equipment that needs modifying.

Complete Design Services

Having product design services within the manufacturing shop that you have your prototyping done provides a better user experience for you. We have the knowledge, creativity and equipment to create almost any plastic or metal product. Barnes Manufacturing Services is happy to tackle any custom manufacturing or fabrication project, even if it has never been done before.

Great ideas can make you money, or save you time and money, but working with a company that will collaborate on designing and creating your metal or plastic part or machine is imperative.

Prototypes and Scale Models for Any Purpose:

  • Plastic and Metal Parts
  • In-plant Tooling
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Food Grade Equipment
  • Scale Models for Architectural Structures, Lawsuits and More

CUSTOM – It’s What We Do Best!

Bring us your problems and we will design solutions. Tackling difficult projects and solving your design and engineering problems is what the team at Barnes Manufacturing Services lives for. We will make suggestions about the types of materials used, dimensions and more, in order to ensure the product  will stand up to its intended use, and be easily used.

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started.

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