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Quality Painting and Finishing Services for Metals and Plastics

A lasting paint job or rust removal and protection could be just what you need to make those metal parts, machines or even metal furniture look like new or last longer. Maybe you’re just trying to get a part to match the rest of a machine. Barnes Manufacturing Service has a variety of options and we will help you find the best painting and finishing methods that will best suit your needs within your budget.

From sandblasting and zinc metallizing for a smoother, rust-free surface, to powder coat painting or your choice of wet coat painting options, we offer collaborative painting and finishing services for longer lasting products shine.

The First Step is To Smooth the Surface

Whether we are starting with a new part, or you bring us an old rusty piece of metal that needs to be cleaned up, sandblasting may be the best option, and in our shop is often an included step in product manufacturing.

Thermal spray zinc metallizing offers a surface similar to galvanized steel, but unlike galvanized steel it offers a great surface for paint preparation.

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Powder Coat Paint or Wet Coat Paint – That is the Question…

Powder coating is superior to most wet coat paints, but there are resilient wet coat paint options. Powder coat paint wins out when it comes to speed, weather resistance and chemical resistance, but there are limitations when it comes to size and the heat resistance of the object being painted.

We can use any type of wet coat paint, from the cheapest to the best on the market. 2-part epoxy paint will stand up to wear almost as well as powder coat paint, and there are no limitations on the size of the project.

You can bring in a color number from a manufacturer or a sample of the paint you need matched and it can be perfectly matched by our professional painters.

Contact Barnes Manufacturing Services for a consultation and we will help you find the best options for your painting and finishing projects.

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