Wet Coat Paint

Wet Coat Paint for Any Product or Surface Type

Do you have a metal, plastic or wood product or machine that needs a fresh coat of paint, or even a run of parts that needs finishing? Barnes Manufacturing Services provides professional painting services for any size or type of product.

From large construction equipment to nuts and bolts our 40’X60 paint booth can handle it, as long as we can get it through the doors.


Versatile Wet Paint Options for Your Needs and Budget

Whether your product needs a durable finish or you can get by with the cheapest rust proof paint we can find, the choice is yours.

2-Part Epoxy Paint is comparable to powder coat paint for durability, weatherability and scratch resistance. With wet coat paint, we can handle larger machines or products than we can with powder coating. This is a great option for large construction equipment and items that will be displayed outdoors. The finish does take up to 3 days to dry enough for shipping or handling, so it does slow production by a few days.

Rust Proofing – Sometimes the goal is rust proofing and depending on the project we can find a cheaper option. We will find the best option for you based on your product goals and needs, as well as your budget and make recommendations for the best option.


Any Color You Want for Your Project

We can color match any sample you bring to us, or bring in the manufacturer color number and we will order it in.


Comprehensive Machining and Fabrication All Under One Roof

While we are happy to take on just the painting needs of your product fabrication or machining project, with a fabrication shop, manufacturing shop and painting and assembly shop all side by side, we can save time and shipping costs if you need a product completely designed and manufactured. Contact us today to collaborate on your next project.

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