Product Feasibility

Product Feasibility – Make Sure Your Idea Will Work

You don’t want to spend a load of cash before you find out that your product idea will be too expensive to manufacture, or that a certain type of metal or plastic will work better than others. Barnes Manufacturing Services provides professional product feasibility studies and investigation to make sure that your metal tooling or equipment will work well for its intended purpose, and will be worth the cost of manufacturing.

Helping You Decipher the Best Process and Materials for Your Budget

  • Materials and Labor Cost Feasibility
  • Sale Price Feasibility
  • Necessary Materials Advice
  • Labor and Process Advice
  • Complete Design Services

Because We Can Complete Production from Design to Delivery

With a vast knowledge in materials and processes, our staff is able to make recommendations based on experience. This experience allows us to give you a better idea whether the metal you want to use is tough enough to stand up to the job it would be doing, which paint will be most scratch resistant, chemical resistant or weather resistant, and whether the labor will cost more than you will make back if you are trying to sell your product.

We are also happy to research the availability of similar products on the market that may compete or may be patented with the same features to the one you proposed.

Complete Custom Manufacturing Services Under One Roof

Once product feasibility is established, Barnes Manufacturing Services offers design, custom manufacturing, CNC machining services, fabrication, assembly and even painting services. With the capabilities to finish all of that, and even deliver to your clients, you can save production time and shipping costs.

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