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Weekend Plans

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Like many people, our weekends are busy, especially in the summer. Between reunions, birthdays, vacations, and friends visiting, we also have to tackle the yard work and grass that never slows down in Iowa. Weekends are for friends and family, of course with a family business, sometimes the weekends are for work as well. Our customers and vendors become our friends, and like all of our friends, sometimes they call needing help in a hurry.

One weekend this summer was no exception, a company we have enjoyed working with called. They were working on installing a large piece of equipment and a large gearbox was machined too tight to fit on the driveshaft. Of course, they had a team of international investors and installers on site and could not wait until Monday to get it fixed, the expenses were piling up by the hour!

Part of the manufacturing community.

We had not done the original machining, but they knew we were in the area and could help. As part of the manufacturing community, we know these things happen all of the time. We try to be prepared and plan for problems, but we never truly know what will come up. Therefore we are empathetic to our fellow manufacturers when emergencies arise. A few calls were made between our team and other manufacturers in the area and we were able to get the part machined correctly with 36 hours.

Working together to get it done

Tom and Bob took turns working on the part and driving it across town, in between birthday parties and planned outings. It made for a busy weekend, but everyone worked together to get done what needed to get done. We are proud of our Iowa manufacturing community and our role in it.

If you want to learn more about how Barnes manufacturing can partner with you to get your work done or more about the amazing manufacturing community in Iowa. To reach out to us use the form on this page, give us a call, email, or connect on LinkedIn and Facebook to discuss working with us on your project.


Manufacturing Dreams

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Gifyyy tripod photo booth entrepreneur startup manufacturing design engineering machining wood CNCGifyyy tripod photo booth entrepreneur startup manufacturing design engineering machining wood CNC metalGifyyy tripod photo booth entrepreneur startup manufacturing design engineering machining wood CNC camera stand






At Barnes Manufacturing we love turning dreams and ideas into finished products. Throughout the years we’ve helped many entrepreneurs bring their “napkin sketches” to life; we have design, engineering and manufacturing resources that are not always readily available to those striving to turn ideas in to reality.  We take great pleasure in helping plant the seeds of these startups and watching them grow into successful companies.

Last fall, a Chicago based photography company was trying to produce an idea they had been working on for months, a tripod photo booth that was sturdy, easy to carry and looked like a timeless piece of furniture.  After a few unsuccessful attempts of trying to find their product already on the market they decided it was time to design and produce one of their own, that’s where we came into play. They already had many great design ideas in place and only needed a few professional suggestions as well as help manufacturing their product.

Working closely with the customers, our design team finalized a solution that fit both the needs and wants of our customer. Producibility, as well as strong design elements were intertwined to come up with an end result that everyone could be proud of. This tripod photo booth allows consumers to use modern technology mixed with a classic mid-century elegance to capture some of life’s most important moments.

At Barnes Manufacturing we love the unique challenges brought on by entrepreneurs and startup companies. Not only are we passionate about the industry of manufacturing, we are passionate about helping companies create positive economic impacts on our communities and country.

If you or your company have ideas that you just can’t seem to get off the ground, feel free to contact any of us at Barnes Manufacturing, where we help from design to delivery.

For The Love of Manufacturing

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How many times have you taken the lowest machining or custom fabrication bid, only to find out that the end product was not up to par? This is why it is so important to look for a fair price for your next machining project, and a company that only hires machinists who are creative and love what they do.

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