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Custom Manufacturing for food processing plant - Iowa

Benefits of Custom Manufacturing Food Processing Equipment

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When finding new food processing equipment for your plant, there are many options to consider and choosing one that fits your requirements and goals can be challenging. One solution to finding the best equipment for your food processing plant is custom designed equipment. Below are just some of the benefits to partnering with a custom manufacturing company for your custom processing equipment needs.

Integration with Custom Fabricated Equipment

With custom equipment, it can be designed to integrate into your current operations seamlessly, no matter the age or style of your current factory or commercial kitchen. A custom manufacturer of food processing equipment can design equipment to the unique dimensions and specifications that fit your current process. Your specifications might include the size of the space you have to work with, or size or shape of the finished product. Read More

Custom Manufacturing B to B - Cedar Rapids, IA

Business to Business – Building Relationships with a Custom Manufacturer

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As a business, whether you are in manufacturing, food service, renewable energy, or heavy equipment operation, it is imperative to have allies who employs skilled in custom fabricators. If you work with machines that are largely comprised of metal or plastic parts, a custom manufacturing company can offer simple weldments and quick metal machining services, as well as, custom designed parts and even custom fabricated machines and equipment. Read More

Communities Partner With Custom Manufacturers

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Eye-catching public artwork spruces up a community and helps create interest in parks and government buildings, so having a custom fabrication company that knows the goals and image your community is trying to create is imperative. Create a public partnership with a metal manufacturer who understands your community vision, will listen to your community’s needs and will guide the process of creating metal projects, both large and small, in order to help your board stay under budget for projects of all sizes. Read More

Architectural Steel for any Location

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Finding a Great Manufacturer for Architectural Steel Structures


the peak is lowered into positionDo you have an artistic vision for a metal structure, but lack the equipment and skills to make it a reality? Maybe you need to replace a metal part from a large structure that is no longer sold or needs to be replicated. Architectural steel structures can be strikingly beautiful and unique, or simply functional and load bearing.

Whether you need creative architectural steel design that is engineered with a purpose in mind, or a replacement piece or structure for a decorative metal roof, you should seek out a company that has expertise in working with a huge variety of different types of metals.

Some architectural structural steel fabricators are focused solely on one metal type or medium, but if you find a custom manufacturer who can partner with you from design to delivery, the entire process can be more collaborative and seamless. Read More

Sandblasting in Iowa - Cedar Rapids and Marion, IA

Sandblasting Metal

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Sandblasting Offers Best Surface for Paint or Metallizing

That old tractor or antique piece of equipment is just sitting in the shed and every year the humidity makes it rust and corrode a little more. It will look new again with the help of professional sandblasting and powder coat painting services, or even zinc metallizing on parts that would look great in silver.

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Custom Manufacturing Company - Barnes Manufacturing Services - Serving Midwest United States

Diversified Custom Manufacturing Under One Roof

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Are you depending on multiple companies to produce one part, because none of them can do the project from start to finish?

Some metal parts manufacturers are increasing their offering by providing value-added services that go above and beyond machining. Not only does this type of diversified custom manufacturing company to serve a larger customer base, it also allows customers to have all of their parts manufacturing needs completed under one roof.

That comes with even more benefits that you may not think of when you are seeking the best place to have manufacture your parts or machinery.

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shipment of large custom manufactured piece

How to Save Costs on Custom Manufacturing

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Getting From Idea to Production

From napkin drawings to fully fleshed-out CAD drawings, Barnes has seen it all. Projects that often look great on paper sometimes call for ill-fitting or hard-to-source materials. Part of the Barnes process is a consult on the ‘build-ability’ of your project, and how much material sourcing is going to add to your budget.

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